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Disaster Preparedness Info

The NSC Disaster Preparedness Information is an in-depth look at over 40 viable Disasters. This Disaster Information will allow you to prepare or upgrade, a realistic Survival Preparedness plan to ensure your families Survival.

From a practical standpoint it's not realistic, or practical, to attempt to prepare to survive every conceivable Disaster. While it's unlikely any of the major Natural Disasters will occur in our life-time, the possibility of one or more taking place can't be ruled out. Other Disasters, specifically Man Made Disasters, are very real possibilities, and could happen at any time. It's also not possible to prepare an effective Disaster Plan without definitive Disaster Preparedness Information at your disposal. Moreover, you shouldn't ignore preparations for "normal weather" events. Without weather forecasts to rely on, you'll never know if that balmy breeze is going to turn into a hurricane, or if that first snow flurry is the start of a blizzard. Make it a point to read the section on infectious diseases in the National Natural Disasters section, because disease will become a huge factor in your survival efforts. Where feasible, we have provided the Disaster Preparedness Information from a survival perspective, and have assigned a danger and survivability rating based upon probability, levels of preparedness, and (your) proximity to "ground zero." The survival ratings are based upon the assumption that you and your family are in a life or death Disaster survival situation, and that no professional medical help or governmental assistance of any kind is available to you.