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Survival Preparedness Information

Effective Survival Preparedness begins (and ends) with a good Survival Plan, and a viable Survival Plan starts and ends with good Survival Information. Therefore it stands to reason, if your Survival Preparedness efforts are to be successful, they should begin with effective, realistic, and usable Survival Information.

Before you spend the (huge) amount of time necessary to arm yourself with Survival Information that makes sense, you should decide if, in fact, you truly believe Survival Preparedness is necessary. If you've come to that conclusion, then it's only logical to make a commitment to that belief, and to commence Survival preparations ASAP in order to protect yourself and your family. Finally, it's vitally important that you make intelligent choices regarding vendors, and Survival Gear purchases. Purchasing Survival Gear based strictly on price will end up being a monumental mistake. Remember, as a general rule you get what you pay for! Cheap Survival Gear will not be good Survival Gear, and in fact may result in your death. You should buy the very best Survival Gear you can possibly afford. If a disaster occurs you'll be in much better position to survive than someone who purchased inferior Survival Gear.

Survival Preparedness should start with a readily accessible bug out bag loaded with the Survival Basics. (See Survival Gear list - Bug Out Bag - in the category bar/library.) If all else fails, that bug out bag will be your ticket to survival.

Before you purchase any type of Survival Gear you should factor in what you plan to use the item for, where you intend to use it, how you intend to use it, how long you might have to use it, and in the case of a survival tent, for example, how many people will be using it? You should also factor in the size of those potential occupants. Additionally, think about the time of the year when you're likely to use the Survival Gear, what the shelf-life of the item is, and the type of weather conditions you're likely to encounter.

Too many people focus the majority of their Survival Preparedness efforts on the purchase of firearms and the stockpiling of ammunition. While both are critically important, you can't "drink" either one, and you can only carry X amount of ammo with you if you have to evacuate. Besides, in a genuine Survival situation, getting involved in a fire-fight (unless it's unavoidable) isn't the smartest move you'll ever make. In the end, all the firepower and Survival Gear in the world will likely be useless without a workable Survival Preparedness plan.

Answer the necessary questions, gather the pertinent Survival Information, choose your Survival Gear wisely (concentrate on the Survival Basics) and above all, create a viable Survival plan.

We've incorporated a lot of Survival Preparedness tips and other valuable Survival information through-out the site, as well as on the individual Survival Gear product pages. If we can be of assistance answering your Survival questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us.