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Three of the known seven (7) Super Volcanoes are located in the United States. Yellowstone Super Volcano, which is the best known and is also the most likely to erupt, is in Wyoming. Long Valley Super Volcano in California, and the Valles Calderas Super Volcano in New Mexico are the others. The worlds other Super Volcanoes are Lake Toba in Indonesia, Taupo Super Volcano in New Zealand, Aira Caldera Super Volcano in Japan, and the Siberian Tarps Super Volcano, in Russia. The Siberian Tarps Super Volcano is by far the largest of the Super Volcanoes, and is often referred to as Yellowstone's' "Big Sister."

According to the "experts", the eruption of a Super Volcano will happen "sooner or later" and will chill the planet and threaten human civilization. The bad news is: There's not a thing we can do about it.

A Super Volcano Eruption would dwarf the Eruption of Mount St. Helen's. The Eruption would be about 100 times larger and would likely devastate an area the size of the United States with pronounced deterioration of the global climate for years following the Eruption. The Effect of a Super Volcano Eruption would be severe, and would likely result in the devastation of World agriculture and severe disruption of the food supply, which would result in world-wide mass starvation.

Some computer models predict the Earth would be plunged into perpetual winter, causing plant and animals species to disappear forever.

So...a Super Volcano Eruption is apparently inevitable. The question then becomes...when is this inevitable Eruption likely to happen? And the answer is...NO ONE KNOWS! It could be tomorrow or it could be 100,000 years from now. Either way, there's nothing to be done about it.

Let's assume it happens in two or three years. Is it survivable? Well...yes, and ... no. It all depends which Super Volcano erupted, where you are in relation to the Super Volcano, perhaps the latitude you live in, the quantity of supplies you have available, and the type of shelter you're going to attempt to survive in.

If Toba Super Volcano erupts, the initial impact on the United States won't be as bad as an Eruption from the Yellowstone Super Volcano. If you live in Minnesota the Impact from a Yellowstone Super Volcano Eruption will probably be felt more acutely (temperature wise) than if you lived in a more southerly latitude like Key West. Of course if Yellowstone does erupt and you live in Wyoming you're probably toast. Be that as it may, if you have an underground shelter of some type with several years worth of supplies (IE food) you might end up a survivor. If you live in a normal American home and you have a case of beans on hand, you'll probably end up going the way of those good folk from Wyoming. Maybe not as quickly, but I wouldn't be making any long-range plans either.

So like it or not, surviving a Super Volcano Eruption, while not at all impossible, will not be very probable for the average person.

The decision you have to make isn't much different than going to Vegas, or playing the local lottery. You either bet an Eruption WILL happen in your lifetime and start preparing, or you bet it won't and go about your business.

Probability of an Eruption soon:           UNKNOWN
Survival if prepared:                      1-3
Survival if unprepared:                    0-1
Ground zero effect:                        10