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If you're ready to purchase a supply of Survival Food, you owe it to yourself to read the Survival Food Information on this page.

Back in 2008, when the National Survival Center was started, there were just a handful of Survival Food manufacturers and suppliers. Today ... it seems there's a couple of new ones popping up each week. The Survival Food which will be so important to your family in a true long term emergency, shouldn't be purchased because of a slick marketing campaign or seemingly low prices. If the company you're looking at purchasing survival food from hasn't been around for at least a few years, you might want to consider another source. Now having said that, you should be aware that --

the Survival Food from the majority of the Survival Food Companies is actually prepared and packaged by just three (3) companies. With few exceptions, the Survival Food that's being sold is through private labeling. All of these different Survival Foods food are created and packed by one of those 3 companies.

TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THAT - The contents of the majority of Survival Food buckets and packages are described using serving sizes. Which is ok. We all understand what 1 cup or 4 ounces is. (The average serving size used when formulating the contents.) However, there IS a basic problem computing value and effectiveness when using a 4 ounce serving size to describe contents in a Survival Food package.For starters, there are people who would need to eat several 4 serving size meals to even begin to feel fulfilled. And in a Survival situation it's very likely you'll be working your tail off and will need extra food. Now that presents a problem when you're attempting to estimate how much Survival Food you're going to need. On average ... an adult will need 1600 calories a day and a small child will need 800 ... just to maintain MINIMAL - NORMAL HEALTH. Thus using caloric content to determine how much food you'll need is a much better formula than using serving sizes. You should also be aware that it's important to know WHAT type of food is providing the calories, (1600 calories from sugar, for example, won't cut it) You should also determine whether or not you're going to need more than the 1600/800 calories per day. (HINT - YOU WILL.)

In the end, I would suggest you plan to lay-in FIFTY PERCENT more Survival Food than you think you're going to need.