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Backpacking Stoves - Grills

A good Camping Grill would be the obvious choice for camp cooking. But they're generally too big, and too heavy for a bug out bag. A lot of people prefer a small Backpacking Stove for their bug out bags instead of a Camping Grill. Both have their place for survival camp cooking. And both have drawbacks too.

A good Backpacking Stove is great when the weather's nasty and you want to heat water or cook a meal, but a Backpacking Stove requires fuel. And while there's plenty of fuel around for the Camping Grill, their bulk and weight are a detriment. However, both are useful survival camp options, and both should be considered.

Optimus Hiker + Stove
Retail Price $219.95
NSC PRICE $219.95
Optimus Nova Stove
Retail Price $149.95
NSC PRICE $149.95
Optimus Svea Stove
Retail Price $119.95
NSC PRICE $119.95
Optimus 1-Liter Fuel Bottle
Retail Price $18.00
NSC PRICE $18.00