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If a major national catastrophe does occur it's likely to take us back to the 19Th or early 20Th century. A good Portable Solar Charger can provide you with electricity, and the ability to maintain some 21st Century luxuries and necessities.

Solar Charger technology can provide anyone with (at a minimum) the ability to recharge AA batteries for Survival devices that use them, or to produce enough electricity to run small appliances and recharge 12 volt batteries. By combining two or more Solar Chargers, you can produce enough electricity for any survival base-camp need. Portable Solar Chargers are lightweight, extremely portable, and without a doubt, should be considered by anyone who is planning to survive what may be coming our way.

The following information will explain how a Solar Charger works, how to use a Solar Charger, and what you can operate with a Solar Charger.