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Rectangular Sleeping Bags, sometimes referred to as Camping Sleeping Bags, are generally too large and heavy to pack in a bug out bag. However, the advantage of a rectangular Sleeping Bag over a mummy Sleeping Bag is in the "freedom of movement" that you have within the Sleeping Bag itself.

In addition, you can squeeze 2 small people, or an adult and a small child into a rectangular Sleeping Bag. For a permanent, or semi-permanent survival location, a rectangular Sleeping Bag is probably the Best Sleeping Bag choice. Our Rectangular Sleeping Bags have been tested extensively by the NSC staff. Any of them will make an excellent Sleeping Bag during a long term survival situation.

Be aware that the Browning Sleeping Bags and the Chinook Beast Sleeping Bag are all LARGE, HEAVY, HEAVY DUTY bags.

Chinook  "The Beast" -40F
Retail Price $228.50
NSC PRICE $220.49
Browning Klondike -30F
Retail Price $189.99
NSC PRICE $166.99
Browning  McKinley -30F Long
Retail Price $169.99
NSC PRICE $151.99
Browning McKinley 0F Long
Retail Price $139.99
NSC PRICE $125.99
Browning Alpine Fleece Sleeping Bag or Liner
Retail Price $44.99
NSC PRICE $39.99