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In scientific jargon, a Pole Shift occurs when the Earth rotates on its' axis 180 degrees. In simplistic terms, a Pole Shift means that the North Pole becomes the South Pole, and the South Pole becomes the North Pole.

Is a Pole Shift going to happen? Well ... some people say yes, and some, of course, say no. Regardless, there are simply too many Pole Shift "experts" with opinions to list here. Suffice it to say most of them don't have any more insight than you or I. However, two of the more notable predictors of a Pole Shift are Nostradamus and The Mayans, both of whom predicted a Pole Shift on 12-21-2012 due to astrological alignments. In between we find a plethora of "experts", both credible and umm.....otherwise....who have a theory on when, why, and how a Pole Shift will occur, and what the consequences of the Pole Shift will be.


If a Pole Shift does occur, do you really care what caused it? I don't. I'm concerned with the Effects and the steps I could take to survive it. But there-in lies the problem. The movie 2012 shows the effects of Hollywood's version of a Pole Shift, and if you do a bit of research you'll find so many different theories of what the actual effects will be you'll likely throw your hands up in disgust and walk away from your computer.

HERE ARE THE POLE SHIFT FACTS. ... NO ONE KNOWS FOR SURE WHAT THE EFFECTS WILL BE, and there's no recipe for Pole Shift Survival. Again, every one of the "experts" is entertaining a hypothesis, a theory, using conjecture, or expressing an opinion. Common sense however, dictates that if a Pole Shift does occur, the results won't be good. If those "experts" are right, and a Pole Shift does occur on the scheduled date of 12-21-12, (it did not) we have about 3 years to prepare to survive it.

What IS the worst case scenario? Let's come up with our own. The worst case scenario from a survival standpoint is the total destruction of civilization and the extinction of the human race. If you believe in THAT result there's no need to spend a dime on survival supplies or to lift a finger to prepare for the cataclysm. How about a scenario where there are a mere 1000 humans left when the dust settles? Do you want to be one of those 1000 survivors? Even if belonging to that select little group will require an incredible amount of good luck? How about 99% of the human race perishes? You're one of the lucky (or unlucky depending upon the point of view) 200,000+ survivors living underground, in a (theoretical) frigid and desolate Miami, or a balmy and subtropical Minneapolis. Take your pick. Come up with your own end result. Your guess will be just as good as anyone Else's.

The point is ... do you want to survive a Pole Shift, and if you do, what preparations and sacrifices are you willing to make to have a realistic "shot" at surviving? If the "experts" are right about the Pole Shift itself, the actual results will likely be MUCH WORSE than they envision.

What are the REALISTIC odds of the average, normal person surviving a Pole Shit? Unfortunately...not very good. In fact, it's probably at or very near zero. Still...there are those of you (myself included) who won't go out without making an effort to survive.

Most of us can't do too much about our location. And Lady Luck may or may not be on our side. But you CAN lay in a good supply of food and Survival gear and make some sort of preparations to survive.

Look at it this way. If you spend a reasonable amount of money preparing to survive a Pole Shift and it doesn't happen, you'll have everything you need to survive the myriad other events, both natural and man-made that could cause you to need those supplies. If the Pole Shift happens, you'll either be one of the survivors (if there are any), or you won't.