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Heirloom Seeds

Long term Survival will be extremely difficult without the ability to plant and harvest a Garden. Which is why you need a supply of Heirloom Seeds (aka Survival Seeds). Heirloom Seeds are Non Hybrid Seeds that have the ability to produce their own Seeds every year. Heirloom Seeds, will provide you and your family with the ability to harvest food from your Garden, year after year.

Guardians Heirloom Seeds (Survival Seeds) are all Non-Hybrid, Non GMO (genetically modified organism) and are not chemically treated. Because they are Non-Hybrid, the Seeds from the growing plants may be harvested at the end of the growing season, stored, and used for the next years planting. Hybrid Seeds, (the ones we all purchase and plant each year), are "one and done," since they can't produce their own Seeds.

In addition, Guardian's 100% authentic Heirloom Seeds are non-hybrid Survival seeds that will keep up to 4 years if stored at 66-70 degrees F. They will keep MUCH longer than that if stored at colder temperatures.

If you haven't purchased, or haven't considered stocking a supply of non-hybrid, Heirloom Seeds, Guardian's Survival Seeds are the best we've seen.