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Survive...Don't Suffer


A Bug Out Bag gives you the ability to Bug Out on a moments notice. However, the items packed in a Bug Out Bag will differ, because different people will require different items in order to stay alive.

Moreover, when using the term survival, most people are thinking in terms of "surviving in place." That is, they believe they'll be able to remain in their homes for the duration of the survival event. Nothing could be further from the truth! While survival in place will be possible for some, (at least in the beginning) it certainly won't be possible for the majority of (initial) survivors. If you're forced to move, and the odds are you will be, it's imperative that you have a means of surviving "on the go." Nothing will give you the opportunity to have a chance to survive better than a well thought-out Bug Out Bag. Done right, you can pick up a packed Bug Out Bag and be gone in a matter of minutes with the essential survival gear on your back. A Bug Out Bag should be your number one survival priority.

The following sections will explain what to look for when selecting a Bug Out Bag, and by using the survival gear list as a guideline, you'll know how to pack and use the Bug Out Bag effectively. If you haven't prepared a Bug Out Bag, I urge you to do so ASAP. It can be costly or relatively inexpensive. The choice is yours. Either way, a Bug Out Bag that is loaded with the essential survival gear is a great insurance policy to ensure the survival of you and your family.