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A large scale Food Shortage hasn't occurred in the United States since....well....ever. But that could change very shortly. What could cause an abrupt Food Shortage in the United States? The list is long.

Weather would be the number one contributor towards local, regional, or even a national Food Shortage. Those factors could include drought, heat, cold, and an endless procession of other weather related factors such as floods, hail, and severe storms, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms.

A large volcanic eruption or an asteroid impact resulting in decreased sunlight reaching the Earth would cause a shortened growing season, and less feed for livestock, ... the list of natural events that could trigger a Food Shortage is nearly endless.

Gas shortages caused by weather or by man could also create Food Shortages, in addition to sky-high prices. But right now, the number one contributor to a Food Shortage is man. And the list of problems emanating from Washington DC could cause any number of problems that could lead to a National Food Shortage with ensuing rioting and chaos.

The thing is...the possibility of some event causing a Food Shortage is nothing new...every one of those probabilities has always existed. So the question becomes...has anything happened recently to increase the odds of one or more of those events becoming a reality?

The answer appears to be yes. The term "Global Warming" not withstanding, (I prefer to use the term "Naturally changing weather patterns.) the world weather patterns do appear to be in a state of flux. We'll have to wait and see if those changes are temporary or permanent remain to be seen.

From our perspective we're concerned with feeding our families in the event the term "Food Shortage" makes the journey from theory to reality.

It would be wise to plan for a potential Food Shortage by stockpiling at least the basic Food requirements.

Our best guess? If a Food Shortage occurs, it will be caused by a combination of a natural disaster and/or a sudden and dramatic increase in the price of oil.