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Cold Steel GI Tanto
Cold Steel GI Tanto  Cold Steel GI Tanto  Cold Steel GI Tanto  Cold Steel GI Tanto
Item# G61036
Retail Price $41.99
NSC PRICE $36.49


Product Information:


Cold Steel's GI Tanto is an ugly duckling to be sure. But it is also a no-nonsense Tactical or Survival Knife with a plethora of practical uses. Mean and lean, the Cold Steel GI Tanto delivers the goods when it matters the most. And it's inexpensive too.

The broad Tanto point blade, integral quillion guard, and paracord wrapped handle, exemplify a Tactical Knife stripped down to the bare essentials. The Cold Steel GI Tanto has a razor sharp 1055 carbon steel blade with a hard spring temper and is protected by a black,rust resistant finish .

Heavy, sharp, and wonderfully balanced, the GI Tanto is easy to throw by either the blade or handle and it hits with a real punch. In a Survival or self-defense situation, it can quickly and easily be converted into a Spear or war club. Just remove the handle scales and use paracord to lash the blade to a suitable wooden shaft. Best of all, it's a spectacular value.

The GI Tanto from Cold Steel is a lot of Survival Knife for very little money.

O/A length:          12"
Blade:               7"
Blade thickness:     4 mm
Weight:              10.4 oz
Steel:               1055 carbon
Sheath:              hard