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Bug Out Bags

Whatever you choose to call it a Survival Pack, Bug Out Bag, Go Bag... doesn't matter. Preparing a well equipped Bug Out Bag should be your primary survival objective. When loaded with the proper survival gear, you can grab your Bug Out Bag and "Bug Out" with everything you need to survive right on your back.

Fortunately, it's not necessary to spend a Kings ransom to secure a rugged, high quality Bug Out Bag. But it is important to note that different families will have different Bug Out Bag requirements depending upon location, family size, health and personal needs. It may require 2 (or more) Bug Out Bags to effectively carry the necessary survival gear. We sell Bug Out Bags that will do the job. We know they will, because we've tested each one ourselves. We are confident you can find a Bug Out Bag from our selection to fit your specific needs.

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