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An Axe is a critical piece of Survival gear. A Survival Axe will be used to hammer in tent pegs, split wood, as a weapon, a breaching tool, and maybe even to build a shelter. While a full sized Axe is too heavy for a bug out bag, a large Axe should definitely be your choice if you're surviving in place.

It's not difficult to find a Survival Axe to choose from, since there are a lot of them available. Ideally, a good Survival Axe should have a handle that's unbreakable. What's the Best Survival Axe to buy? That's a matter of opinion. But remember, any Axe you use during a Survival situation automatically becomes a Survival Axe. As far as Tactical Tomahawks go, they are an awesome weapon, and many of them can also perform the duty of a regular Axe. So if your current Axe leaves something to be desired, you should upgrade to a new Survival Axe, or a Tactical Tomahawk ASAP.